May 3

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May 3

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May 3

The 5 stages of muslim-american emotion over bin Laden's death

Great piece!

happy jummah! have you read surah kahf today?

always an individual choice but sad when sisters take hijab off| Lifting The Veil: Muslim Women Explain Their Choice |

Apr 2

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Apr 1

Megan Hart: Reading through the Quran, a few first observations

While receiving the “Complete Idiot’s Guide” wasn’t the most flattering moment of my career thus far, it has provided an interesting starting place for the study of Islam, as has the commentary-enhanced copy of the Quran. I have to read both, along with my uncommented copy of the Quran, with the understanding that they are written by Muslims, with obviously positive views of Islam, with the same skepticism I have for Christians writing about other religions.

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Apr 1

Megan Hart: What does the Quran really say? Let’s find out

Generally, when I hear polarized opinions, I assume the truth trends somewhere toward the middle. With the importance of Islam in global politics and its growing presence in an increasingly diverse America, though, making assumptions seems to place us on shifting sand.

So I decided to read the Islamic holy book.

I am not a Muslim, nor do I intend to become one. But I am a reporter, and I believe in finding the truth for myself. I took the same approach to reading the Bible.

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Oxymoron alert! “secular atheist country..dominated by radical Islamists”

How can a “secular atheist country” be “dominated by radical Islamists” at the same time? Wondering if Newt Gingrich has actually read the US Constitution…

Sometimes an oxymoron is more moron than oxy…